The ROTUNDUM positioning chair is the result of a close collaboration between the University Hospital of Zürich, the Swiss Concussion Center and the Swiss engineering company prolim GmbH.


prolim engineering GmbH


The Swiss Concussion Center has institutionalized the management of sports-related head injuries in Switzerland. The primary aim of the Swiss Concussion Center is to improve the return to routine training and competition across all types of sports, i.e. to enable a timely and safe return to their sport for the affected athlete. The Swiss Concussion Center focuses on the three core areas, clinic (diagnostics/therapy), research and services.

Swiss Concussion Center


Center for Vertigo an Neurologic Visual Disorders
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland


Center for Vertigo and Neurologic is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of balance and eye movement disorders, including vertigo, dizziness, oscillopsia, and double vision.

Vertigo Center

Rotundum at the Vertigo Center