Autronic Medizintechnik GmbH

Die Autronic Medizintechnik GmbH ist spezialisiert auf die Vestibularisdiagnostik in den Fachbereichen Neurologie und HNO. Unser Produktportfolio erstreckt sich von Geräten für den Video-Kopfimpulstest, die Videookulographie, Kalorische Prüfung bis hin zu den diagnostischen Verfahren aus der HNO wie Tympanometer, Audiometer, VEMPs etc. Teilweise fertigen wir in Eigenherstellung, teilweise beziehen wir auch Geräte von namhaften Herstellern wie z.B. Interacoustics oder Difra.

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Autronic Medizintechnik


At DIFRA we design and manufacture equipment across the whole vestibular field. Our products range from small devices for private use to full system for clinical use and also for research. With more than 40 years of experience, DIFRA is now one of the world leader in balance disorder diagnostic devices. DIFRA and all our distributors assure that you will have high quality products, efficient after-sales service and high level of training on our devices.

VNG-Systems Difra

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Diagnosis of vestibular disorders can be time-consuming and challenging. ICS Impulse can help. A customizable balance testing solution, ICS Impulse gives you more ways to help your patients:

  • Video Frenzel – easy and affordable access to vestibular assessment and treatment
  • vHIT – assess all six semincircular canals and enable head impulse testing with gold-standard accuracy
  • Positional – assess and treat patients with BPPV with increased accuracy. Head Position Feedback and real-time SPV make it possible
  • Oculomotor – a new approach to oculomotor testing, Oculomotor provides simple and quick tests that assist in determining if the disorder is central or peripheral

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ICS Impuls


The VertiMobile goggles allow recording of eye move-ments without the need of a PC. It is the ideal bedside testing device.

Recordings are connected to tasks and stored in the device and can be played back or transferred to Verti-PACS for further analysis. This devise does not only substitute Frenzel’s goggles, they also store the head position and enable eye tracking.

zehnit vertimobile

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