ROTUNDUM Positioning Chair

Designed for research and treatment of patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Key Features

  • Fully mechanical, no electrical features such as motors or sensors are required
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Complete access to the patient at all times during treatment procedures
  • CE-marked medical device
  • High-quality materials and components
  • Light weight and ergonomic design
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with transportations wheels

Note: Rotundum is not available in all countries. Please inquire for more information

Rotundum_ Broschuere_EN

Intended use

The Rotundum rotary chair is a certified medical device for spatial positioning of a patient. It is used only in combination with suitable systems for the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of patients affected by Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

The rotary chair must be operated solely for the intended purpose and by trained personnel.

The Rotundum chair meets all safety standards and was developed according to the applicable regulations. The operator is responsible for the patient’s safety.


Purely mechanical

From the very beginning, the ROTUNDUM R1 has been designed with the aim of having humans taking care of humans. The device is completely devoid of any electrical features such as motors or sensors, which may compromise the reliability of the chair in any way. Furthermore, there is only minimal maintenance needed.

With the positioning chair we provide the appropriate tool to perform the repositioning maneuvers manually and as a single therapist with the highest repetitious accuracy.

Light weight and compact design

Due to the light weight design, ROTUNDUM R1 brings major benefits to the therapist:

  • accurate positioning of the patient.
  • operation with minimal force
  • small footprint.
  • easily movable to new location by wheels.

The accessible design makes the patient feel at ease.

Ergonomic and safe to use

While the patient sits comfortably in the chair, the therapist performs the maneuvers by turning the roll and yaw into the desired position. (continuous 360° rotation) The 4-points safety belt as well as the head and feet fixation ensure a safe and stable positioning during the maneuvers.

Designed for a purpose

Even though the functions of the ROTUNDUM R1 could meet a variety of applications, it is designed for treatment of balance disorders only.

High quality

Only highest quality materials and precise manufacturing process are used.

ROTUNDUM R1 is a CE-marked medical device and developed according to the applicable directives and standards.

Product Specification

Patient body weight: 40-150kg

Degree of rotation freedom:  2-axis (roll and yaw) 360°

Transport wheels: 

Four freely rotatable wheels at the bottom of the chair. The wheels are lockable/un-lockable by pedals.


The roll and yaw axes can be positioned at any degree by mechanical means and by the therapist’s minimal force. The roll and yaw are labeled with degree marks.

The position of the patient can be adjusted to superimpose his center of mass with the one of the positioning chair. This way the operator needs little force to work with the positioning chair.

Compliance and safety:

The chair is a medical device and meets the following directives and standards:

  • Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices
  • EN ISO 15223-1:2016
  • EN 1041:2008

Dimension and weight:

Outer dimension:1945x2013x851mm

Over all weight without a patient:150kg

ROTUNDUM chair – Front view
ROTUNDUM chair – Front view, ready for transportation
ROTUNDUM chair – Top view

Mobile use

Mobile use of the ROTUNDUM chair is also possible. The chair fits into standard van.

ROTUNDUM chair – Inside a van

Peripherical equipment

Goggles and Tablets required for research or treatment of the patient are not in the scope of deliver.


Product flyers:

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